General Rules
Must be a current WCSA member.

Dues are $25 paid yearly.

  WCSA entry is based on class per race plus a track fee.

Race car must run a WCSA sticker and all WCSA SPONSOR stickers applicable.

All cars must be door cars.

All cars must appear street legal (modified bodies allowed in P/S and O/L).

All cars must have exhaust systems according to class rules.

All cars must be self starting at all times.

Front tires need not be DOT approved in all classes due to safety.

All drivers and cars must meet NHRA and track tech requirements per class.

All cars can run nitrous (except for Hot Street).

All cars can run alcohol (except for Hot Street).

The use of bracket racing aides such as delay boxes, electronic/pneumatic or any remotely activated throttle stops are illegal.

All classes use a 4/10th Pro Tree.

All heads up drivers must alernate lanes during qualifying. If you choose to ignore this rule, your second consecutive pass in the same lane on the same day will be disqualified.

Bye runs: All vehicles must take the tree, and break the beams.

Rules are subject to change per WCSA

Classes requiring weight restrictions will be weighed at every race if possible.

Any car with weight requirements must be within 10 lbs of required weight.

If car is too light in qualifying the run will not count.

If car is too light in eliminations the car will be disqualified and the other car will be reinstated.

If the car is 50# or more underweight, loss of all accumulated points in that race will result for the first offense.  If a car is found to be 50# or more underweight a second time, loss of all accumulated season points will result.

QUALIFYING & Eliminations
WCSA entry fee must be paid before 1st qualifying pass.

All participants must make a qualifying pass.

All classes use Pro ladder.

All bye runs must stage the car and break the beam.

No entry fee will be refunded after first qualifying session.

#1 qualifier in Index will be determined by the closest run to their index without going quicker than index.  If you run quicker than your index you will be placed at the bottom of the ladder.  Open Comp #1 qualifier is best reaction time.

#1 qualifier in Hot Street, Outlaw 8.5, Outlaw 10.5 and Pro Street will be determined by the quickest E.T.

Lane choice for Open Comp is determined by best reaction time at qualifying of the previous round.

Lane choice for Hot Street, Outlaw 10.5 and Pro Street will be determined by the quicker E.T. from previous round.

Each driver gets 3 points for qualifying, 1 points for #1 qualifier. The following points will be awarded for winning rounds: 2 points for first round, 3 points for second round, 4 points for third round, 5 points for fourth round, etc.

If the race is rained out and no one makes a qualifying pass the racers present will get 3 points for showing up.  No races will be rescheduled.

If race is rained out and racers make a qualifying pass, the ladder will stay as it stands and points will be awarded accordingly. 

If the race is in progress and is called due to weather, points will be given accordingly.  A coin toss will determine the winner and runner-up for trophy and money only.

If points are tied at the end of season the winner will be determined by a run off if time allows.  If not, it will be based on the number of race wins.  If still tied, then the number of runner-up wins and so on.

Pro Street cars must be capable of 7.99 or quicker quarter mile ET.

Outlaw 10.5 cars must be capable of 8.99 or quicker quarter mile ET.

Hot Street car must be capable and legal of 9.99 or quicker quarter mile ET.