Race Results - July 6-7
Hello Race Fans!

West Coast Streetcar Association basked in the sunshine as summer finally made its way to the Northwest!  Once again a special thanks to the staff at Pacific Raceways who played host to WCSA Race Event #2.  Special thanks to Mike Stevenson for handling tech and Mike Lucas for photography coverage this weekend! So without further ado…..

Open Comp enjoyed its largest car count of the season with nine racers taking the pavement in all out battle mode!  Justin Howard proved he is here to stay in OC by taking the #1 Qualifier honors with his outstanding .010 Reaction Time.  Howard took the win light on a bye in Round One.  Sean Butler aka “Short Circuit” brought out his pink ’72 Nova (yes, I said pink) and after a brief brake line setback dials in at 11.95 against WCSA newest member Mark Campbell driving his ’69 black and purple Camaro dialed in at 8.63.  Campbell was doing double duty in Super Pro as well and took the win light against Butler in a double break-out 8.59 to 11.78.  Sherry Rohr wheeled the Bounty Hunter 72 Chevelle to a 10.44 win over a red-lighting Rick Secrist’s ’66 Pontiac.  The red Tempest looks as gorgeous as ever and you will see it back for more action in August.  Rick Conley Sr. and Nova got a single run in his first round match up and runs 11.95 after Daniel Holt was unable to make the call after a disappointing mishap on the return road early Saturday.  Holt’s Malibu suffered some front end damage but is sure to be back in action soon!  We’re glad Dan is alright.  Wally Friedlander stepped out of Mod Street and into Open Comp successfully by taking the 10.34 win over John Eldridge’s 12.02.  The Mustang would prove to be on a roll when Wally also took the win over Justin Howard in Round Two.  Rohr fell to Campbell after her ET suffered in the heat and her 10.45 DI was unreachable at 10.59.  Luck of the draw gets Conley another Bye in Round Two and then he faced Wally who runs spot on his 10.26 Dial with a 10.26 for the win.  Final Round was late Saturday night and it looked like to be a great match up but was decided early by a red light for Wally and Mark Campbell’s Camaro taking the stripe at a 8.55 160mph!

Double Index
racer Randy Mincks Jr and his orange Maverick took #1 Qualifier and was set to face Rick Krier in the ’54 Austin in Round One but Randy’s car lost the converter during an earlier run and was unable to make the call.  Krier worked with his car all weekend and ran three stellar 9.58 pass back to back proving he will be a player in this class!!  We now refer to Rick as "Mr. 9.58"...stellar performance!

In Drag Radial, teamwork paid off as Craig Castagno pilots Rohr’s ’68 Camaro to 8.69 at 163mph in Round One against Brian Sipe.  The Camaro got its first long taste of nitrous and proved in good spirits as they backed it up later in testing with an outstanding 8.64 at 163mph!  Brian cut a stellar .001 RT light in this final match up against Castagno but his 9.11 at 148 could not hold off the Camaro.

Hot Street enjoyed witnessing John Carper’s beautiful ’65 Chevy II go side by side with Chris Kittleson as they both laid down impressives numbers in qualifying!  Carper ran an 8.70 against Kittleson’s 8.78 proving these two cars are well-matched for competition.  Pat Hermanson took #1 Qualifier with his black Chevy II but suffered engine damage in Round One on a single.  I am missing some numbers for this class so I apologize but I can tell you that Chris Kittleson took home the Winner’s plaque after Hermanson could not make the call for the final!

Outlaw 10.5 racer Ron Pease made terrific progress with his new engine after some hiccups in qualifying Friday night.  He had plenty of incentive as we all watched Paja Agatanovic rip off a career best pass in qualifying of 6.84 at 206 mph in his stunning ’69 Camaro.  But when it counted, Pease’s ’70 Nova streaked to the win in eliminations at 7.20/192mph in the Saturday heat against a pedaling Paja at 7.45!  Mark my words folks, these two racers will be going head to head all season long as each continues to improve their nitrous programs!

And finally, Pro Street’s only contender this weekend Joe Loch and his ’04 Cavalier struggled in qualifying and suffered rocker arm damage after shutting down post burnout Friday night.  After repairs were made, Loch attempted to get a handle on his new tires and spent most of the weekend tweaking the suspension.  Ever valiant, Joe made 5 runs that looked to be progressively better but still came up short of a full run.  At the end of the day his plans were to jump into brackets and continue efforts but I was not there to see how it went.  We appreciate Joe for all his efforts and I for one, was sorry Big Red wasn’t there to provide some competition.

We want to thank all our racers and fans who supported this event!  Many fans were on hand and Mike Bader brought out his yummy “Flirting With Smoke BBQ” on Sat night courtesy of Brian Sipe!  Our next event you definitely do NOT want to miss!!  Details about August 10-11th WCSA’s Race Event #3 to include the Bad Dog Shootout and Fan Fest will be coming shortly!!  Stay tuned Race Fans!!

Full photo gallery of the weekends event HERE

Joe Loch picked up is second win in a row over the weekend but was the lone ProStreet contender this go around.
Craig Castagno drove Sherry Rohr's new Camaro "hossin the gas" for the first time for a spot in the winner's circle
Mark Campbell made an impressive showing in his first WCSA event by winning Open Comp this weekend.
Rick Krier took home the win in the Double Index class in his Austin.
Chris Kittleson picked up win        number two on the season over Pat Hermanson who was unable to make the call.
Ron Pease racked up his first win with his beautiful silver & black Nova.