Race Results - June 8-9-10
Hello Race Fans!

West Coast Streetcar Association enjoyed our first outing at Pacific Raceways this weekend!  The souls who braved the cold and rainy June weather were rewarded with dry conditions Saturday and sunshine on Sunday after Friday night was rained out. 

The staff at Pacific Raceways worked extremely hard all weekend on the new track surface and we thank them for all their efforts.  Race tech was handled adeptly by NHRA Safety Tech Mike Stevenson and all seven classes were represented this weekend.

Open Comp racer John Eldridge took #1 qualifying honors with his gorgeous Chevelle and a best reaction time of .054 light.  The Open Comp class is allowed to choose their own dial in after qualifying and then that number remains the same throughout eliminations.  (The #1 qualifier is decided by best RT.)  First round pairings matched designated driver Sherry Rohr in a ’72 Chevelle with newcomer Justin Howard and his Luv truck.  Justin edged out Rohr and went on to the final but could not chase down Eldridge who took the win light!  Justin and Vern Howard will be definite players in OC this year!

Mod Street
was short some 10.50 hitters as Wally Friedlander was the only Mod Street racer in attendance.  Wally’s Nova posted a slightly off-pace 10.80 to qualify himself #1 only to find a slipping 2nd gear in his trans as the likely culprit.  Wally limped the car into the final round taking a lonely, but deserved win! 

Double Index heavy hitter Don Paine brought out his Orange Luv and ran a 9.61 at 129 mph for the top spot here!  DI racers also in the line up were Jody Murray in at 9.63 for #2 in the Nova, Jess Dale’s Mopar in at #3 with 11.09.  Rick Krier brought out his beautifully painted 1954 Austin and put it in the #4 spot with a 9.40 and rounding out the 5 was Action Jackson at 9.33.  With a possible 8.60 or 9.60 index most of these racers were working out their game plan as they went into eliminations.  Paine had the Bye in first round and made good on that for lane choice in round two.  Taking out Dale he moved into the final round waiting for his dance partner to be decided on.  On the other side of the ladder Murray took out Jackson and then received a well-deserved Bye into the final.  This was a close match up between the #1 and #2 racers and at the stripe it was Don Paine for the DI win!

Hot Street star Chris Kittleson put on a big show for the fans this weekend as he used up most of his lane all weekend!  Chris wheeled the naturally-aspirated Nova to a new record in eliminations as well running a hard-charging 8 sec pass in the final round against Pat Hermanson’s Nova.  (Final numbers for this round are being verified and will be reported later, sorry folks.)

Drag Radial racer Brian Sipe and his beautiful orange Chevy II set low ET and secured himself the number one honors with an outstanding 9.11 at 149mph!  Coming in at #2 was driver Craig Castagno who wheeled Rohr’s Camaro to an awesome 9.49 at 145.  After the Camaro suffered an unfortunate fire in testing late last season, both Rohr and Castagno were thrilled with these early numbers.  This car will be sporting nitrous in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more out that team!  But not to be outdone this weekend, Sipe throws down a quicker 9.09 for the final round win over Castagno!

Outlaw 10.5 Portland’s favorite son Paja Agatonovic brought out his stunning ’69 Camaro and charged through the lights at a 7.06 196 mph!  Paja’s Sonny-powered nitrous engine was singing a tune as he took the #1 medallion.  Fellow racer Ron Pease sleek silver bullet lost an oil line in round one of qualifying but no harm was done as he qualifies with an early-lifting 7.43 at 175 mph.  Pease and his hard-working team spent some time working with a carb issue on his new 737 Pat Musi engine but the car bogged in the final round again and Paja streaked to another 7.06 for the win!

Pro Street
racer Steve Downs wheeled the purple Popeye’s sponsored truck to 7.58 at 180mph taking the #1 spot as the only PS racer to get a handle on the track surface in qualifying.  Joe Loch’s Cavalier was making some early moves forcing some aborted runs.  Yvonne Lucas’s Camaro was also making plenty of power but was unable all weekend to get the power down to the ground.  Three attempts and she went up in smoke all weekend failing to make it passed the 60 ft marker.  Worried that he may be hearing a tranny issue, Loch put all fears to rest as he ripped off a career best 6.78 at 202 mph in the final round against Downs.  Steve had an outstanding .019 RT but could not hold off the Sonny’s power Cav of Loch’s!

enjoyed big fan support and a total of 18 cars for some great racing at Pacific Raceways this weekend!  We are looking for more racers to come out and have some fun with this new and exciting heads up groupCome out, win or runner up and take home a paycheck from WCSA!  Tell your friends and fellow racers and meet us back here in Kent, WA at our next event scheduled for July 6 - 7th!
Joe Loch broke the code this weekend at the WCSA event at Pacific Raceways.  Joe set a new personal best and laid down a very impressive 9.88 60' number on his way to victory in ProStreet.
Chris Kittleson made some impressive runs this weekend in the Hot Street class.  He really had to drive the car to get it down the track.  It's obvious the Big Block Chevy is making some steam!
John Eldridge took home the Open Comp win this weekend with his beautiful Chevelle.  This car runs as good as it looks!
Paja brought out his meticulous Camaro and took home the goods making some consistent fast passes.  He is threatening to hook up the nitrous next time!
Wally's clean Nova is still sano and consistent as ever taking the win in Mod Street
Don Paine got a well deserved win after a very close race with runner-up Jody Murray in the final round.
Brian Sipe showed that is Nova is not only very clean but also very fast winning the Drag Radial class this weekend.